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Astragal Press
  • Astragal Press was founded in 1983 to publish books at affordable prices for those interested in antique tools, metalworking, carriage building, and early trades and technologies. Astragal was acquired by Rowman & Littlefield in April of 2019 and is now an imprint of Globe Pequot.
Emerson Creek Pottery
  • 1068 Pottery Lane, Bedford VA 24523
  • (540) 297-7524
  • Emerson Creek Pottery boasts beautiful ceramic pottery in clean organic designs, created in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia in the American tradition of quality ceramics. Since 1977, the pottery has been home to a hardworking team that creates beautiful and functional work using sustainable methods and traditional techniques. All clay, glazes and design colors are made on-site with formulas developed and tested over many decades.
Good Foundations International
  • Online only.
  • Formerly known as Potters for Peace, Good Foundations International works with volunteer potters to set up small shops in developing communities around the world. These shops enable the people to manufacture ceramic water filters that help provide the clean water essential for the health of their community.
Watershed Pottery
  • Westfir, OR
  • (707) 328-8305
  • Craftsman Scott Nelson is heavily influenced by the old potters of the past. “I love the rustic functional forms of early frontier pottery—the old water and whiskey jugs and casserole crocks…I love the interface of function and fashion, where something beautiful is a daily tool and becomes a part of your routine and ritual.”  A particular specialty are the fermentation crocks (shown at left), which are his own design.
Dreamweavers Hammocks
  • Boise, ID (online store)
  • (208) 383-9636
  • Gilbert Gursansky has decades of experience hand-weaving these beautiful chair hammocks.
  • Greensboro, NC (online only, on Etsy)
  • I make a variety of handwoven, knitted, and embroidered items, including tea towels, kitchen towels, rugs, scarves, hats, and shawls.
Three Green Sisters
  • Portland, OR (online only, on Etsy)
  • My sister and I design and make knitting bags, project totes, spinning bags and loom carriers, using up cycled and repurposed fabrics. Each bag is one of a kind and made exceptionally well.
Tinkle Towels
  • Eugene, OR (online only, on Etsy)
  • Owner Amelia Mae expertly sews each and every one of her upcycled towels. She specializes in “tinkle towels,” intended as a washable toilet paper substitute (for #1 only!), as well as counter cloths and face cloths. Her products are beautiful, useful, and highly-rated by her customers.
Alvey’s Chocolates
  • 63 East 300 South, Richmond UT 84333
  • (435) 258-5442
  • Alvey’s has been handcrafting chocolates for over 30 years. Our chocolates are made from the highest quality, freshest ingredients. Our candies are often made to order so that they are shipped as fresh as possible.
Cox Honeyland of Utah
  • 1780 S. Hwy 89, Logan UT 84321
  • (435) 752-3234
  • With over 100 years of local honey producing experience, Cox Honeyland and Gifts is proud to provide high-quality pure honey products to Cache Valley locals and customers around the world.
The Lavender Apple
  • Logan, UT
  • (435) 245-6161
  • Since 2009, The Lavender Apple has done more than just refine old traditions – we started a new one. We are the Downs family, and we make lavender products for the culinary & kitchen, bath & body, and health and home. We carefully make everything in small batches at our farm located in Cache Valley, Utah. Our small boutique farm allows us to achieve a handmade quality not achievable by larger operations. Each product is handmade and inspected by us individually to ensure the best products giving you a superior lavender experience.
Lonesome Whistle
  • 92573 River Road, Junction City OR 97448
  • (541) 952-4876
  • Lonesome Whistle has been farming in Junction City, Oregon, since 2003. We currently grow, harvest, seed clean, mill, and process a variety of heritage grains, and are loving every minute of it! We are committed to organic grain farming, responsible land management, and providing our community with healthy, and nutritious staple foods. We see ourselves as part of the local food movement, and work to provide greater food security to our community. For us, we work to realize these goals through growing a diverse variety of staple food crops, saving our own seeds, and offering our grains, flours, and value-added products.
Pacific Flake
  • Samoa, Humboldt County, California
  • Pacific Flake is a culinary sea salt harvestry, creating flake sea salt using a slow cook method, hand harvested from the cold and pure Pacific Ocean of far Northern California.
Rockhill Creamery
  • 563 S. State Street, Richmond UT 84333
  • (435) 774-2878
  • Rockhill Creamery produces small-batch, natural rind, whole milk cheese, using milk from the graze-fed cows of Cache Meadow Creamery. Rockhill is located on a historic Cache Valley farm, which doubles as a local event venue.
Torsten’s Fine Meat Purveyors
  • Tumalo, OR
  • (541) 410-5645
  • Owner and operator Erik Torsten Olson is a local purveyor who specializes in custom butchery and charcuterie, and serves as a local processor of game and farm animals.
Floral Woods Farm
  • Cache Valley, UT (online store)
  • (801) 631-4439
  • Lexi Genho is a florist with a passion for all things floral. Every aspect, from the seed selection all the way through to the creation of our floral art, is done with passion as well as consideration for the scent, color, vase life, memories and overall joy that these flowers can bring! We love growing and creating and we can’t wait to share the magic of locally grown arrangements with you! Our online store also offers exquisite handmade soaps, lotions, and flavor extracts.
Greenleaf Gourds & Greenhouse
  • 48 West Center, Providence, UT
  • Melinda Petro is the multi-talented owner/creator of Greenleaf Gourds & Greenhouse. In the greenhouse, they grow a wide variety of Heirloom Tomato, Pepper, & many more vegetable plant starts for your seasonal gardening needs. Melinda is also a gourd artist extraordinaire. Her decorative gourds are not to be believed. She also runs craft workshops and events at the greenhouse.
New Country Bonsai
  • Los Angeles, CA (online only)
  • New Country Bonsai was founded in 2001 by Hans and Ellen Fang. We studied the horticulture and the techniques of the ancient art of bonsai at the Subtropical Forest Research Institute and Southern California Bonsai Clubs 30 years ago. Throughout our career, we focused on bonsai cultivation and production. We grow varieties of trees from seeds and cuttings of the trees. Once they are over two years old, we pruned, trimmed, shape and bonsai them. Each product becomes a unique art piece and they represent our passion, dedication and hard work.
Markets and Distribution
Azure Standard
  • Durfur, OR
  • (971) 200-8350
  • Azure Standard is the largest independent food distributor in the U.S. Our main business is healthy food distribution to all states in the U.S., except those in the far northeast. We also grow food on our farms and manufacture unique healthful products.
The Folk Shop
  • 765 W 1800 N, Ste. A110, Logan UT 84321
  • (435) 225-2019
  • Our small shop is packed with original, locally-made items that range from local honey to stone art, from herbal health products to woodworking and dozens of other genres. We’ve contacted all of our favorite local artists and brands, and we are constantly getting new inventory! Come and see what talented folks from your community can do!
Afterburner Labs
  • Milton, VT
  • At Afterburner Labs, we believe that some of the greatest art and engineering of human culture is also the simplest. Our goal is to create locally made, innovative products, that are well thought out, are simple to use and manufacture, and are highly effective and efficient in their design. Our current offering is the Bear Trap Rocket Stove, perfect for hiking and camping.
Baer Welding
  • 107 N 100 W, Providence UT 84321
  • (435) 752-3089
  • Baer Welding has been providing custom welding, ornamental ironwork and steel fabrication since 1959.
Creative Metal Design
  • 1209 North East Street, Suite D, Frederick MD 21701
  • In an age when mass production is the norm and the average product life is 3 – 5 years, there is a craftsman whose work is built to last a lifetime. Pete Markey, owner of Creative Metal Design, is a master of the time-honored, traditional method of shaping metal with hammer and anvil. His expertise has expanded from that solid foundation, and ranges from faithful reproductions to his own highly original designs. His skill with a variety of metals enables him to express many moods and effects. He specializes in custom-built one-of-a-kind pieces, which interpret the visions of individuals who search for the truly distinctive and unique.
The Iron Ram Forge
  • Mentone, IN (online only, on Etsy)
  • We are a father-and-son blacksmithing team, specializing in hand-forged items useful for hiking, backpacking, camping, and general bushcraft.
Personal Care Products
  • 1031 H Street, Arcata CA 95521
  • (800) 398-SOAP
  • Bubbles has been making high-quality glycerine soap, bubble bath, and lotions since 1973! We also carry a variety of other fun personal care products from all over the world.
Greenthread Apothecary
  • 376 East 4th Avenue, Salt Lake City UT
  • (801) 363-0859
  • Our herbal apothecary in downtown Salt Lake City offers over 300 organic bulk herbs and handcrafted tinctures plus a vibrant selection of teas, balms, oils, books, and more. Our handcrafted remedies are made in small batches with much love, and custom remedies can be crafted for your every need right here in our workshop.
  • St. Louis, MO (online, on Etsy)
  • We’ve been a trusted source for heirloom seeds since 2014 — and we also make awesome all-natural personal care products like: Bug Off Lotion Bars (natural insect repellent lotion bars), lotion bars, lip balm, soap, and bath bombs.
The Spirit Goat
  • 28 Federal Avenue, Logan UT 84321
  • (435) 512-9040
  • The Spirit Goat specializes in goat-milk-based soaps and lotions, particularly catering to those with skin sensitivities. The adorable boutique-style store has a working kitchen within view in the back, so you can watch the magic happen.
Printing and Paper Goods
Boxcar Press
  • 509 West Fayette Street, #135; Syracuse, New York 13204
  • (315) 473-0930
  • At Boxcar Press, our mission is to print beautifully, to use the best materials, and support and inspire the letterpress community. We do custom letterpress printing and offer knowledge, supplies, and services to letterpress hobbyists and professionals.
Just My Type Letterpress
  • 235 F Street, Eureka CA 95501
  • (707) 502-2446
  • Located in Eureka’s historic Old Town, Just My Type specializes in letterpress printing of greeting cards, packaging, and other beautiful paper-and-print works. Our big old letterpress printing machines are on display in the shop window, and you can see them hard at work, most afternoons.
Repurposed Objects
  • Online only, see website.
  • iHorns are cellphone amplifiers made from repurposed antique materials. They are built to last, often made from a foundational pieces which have already demonstrated longevity. Each piece is hand crafted by artisan Frank Falk, and is one of a kind. While modern in application, the patina of time is unaltered reflecting the wisdom and beauty of age. Melody is inherently synergistic as it is a combination of single notes which is perceived as a single entity, and it is that melodic synergy which is embodied in every iHorn.
The Bricklaying School
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • (602) 692-1896
  • Charlie Cummins’ Bricklaying School offers courses in bricklaying, up to and including a Master Mason Certification.
MCAA (Mason Contractors Association of America)
  • Online only
  • The Mason Contractors Association of America (MCAA) is the national trade association representing mason contractors. The MCAA is committed to preserving and promoting the masonry industry by providing continuing education, advocating fair codes and standards, fostering a safe work environment, recruiting future manpower, and marketing the benefits of masonry materials.
Michael Fannin, Stone Carver
  • 182 Gulf Road, Middletown Springs VT 05757
  • (802) 235-2412
  • For the architect, builder, designer or restoration specialist I offer sculptural reproduction and restoration of historical stone ornamentation in marble, slate and limestone. I also model and carve contemporary design elements per architectural specification. I am a consultant, specializing in the proper historical methods of fabricating and setting dimensional stone and the restoration of sculpture. I also offer sculpture and stone carving classes for the beginner to the journeyman level.
Minnesota Bricks
  • Online only
  • Minnesota Bricks is a website devoted to preserving information, pictures, and maps pertaining to brickyards from the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. The main focus is Minnesota, with a few articles covering Iowa and Missouri.
Old Carolina Brick Company
  • 475 Majolica Road, Salisbury NC 28147
  • (704) 636-8850, (800) 536-8850
  • Old Carolina® Brick has preserved the ancient art of making brick by hand. Although our operation is modernized and automated, we have kept the process of throwing the clay by hand into wooden molds. Our skilled mud throwers form a clump of clay into a wedge shape, roll it in sand, and drop it into a wooden mold. This hand molding operation imparts distinctive folds, finger marks and other surface irregularities which make each brick individually and uniquely characterized. We offer a full line of shapes and pavers, as well as arches of all types. And we offer expertise in matching any brick in size, color and texture to those in numerous historical sites.
Blue Ox Millworks
  • 1 “X” Street, Eureka CA 95501
  • (707) 444-3437
  • Part historical park and museum, park working millworks, and part school, Blue Ox Millworks is dedicated to preserving the legacy of architectural millwork, and craftsmanship in general.
Creative Crafthouse
  • Hudson, FL) Online store
  • (352) 346-5953
  • We are a family business and home to one of the larger selections of original handcrafted wood brain teaser and mind bender puzzles in the world. You will see classic designs in addition to puzzles, & games which we have brought back to life. Not to mention hundreds of puzzles which we have designed ourselves. Most are made in our Hudson, Florida shop.
Custom Furniture Utah
  • Salt Lake City, UT
  • Our family-owned-and-operated business provides high-quality custom residential and commercial woodworking and finish carpentry.
5 Finger Longboards
  • Online only, based in Utah
  • Wooden longboards, handmade by Andy.
Hair Fork Online
  • Mesa, CA
  • Anna Pavlova makes beautiful wooden and mixed-media three-prong hair forks. Her website also contains tutorials explaining how to use them to do simple and beautiful updo’s.
Heartwood Classics
  • Shelbyville, KY
  • Heartwood Classics creates with one vision in mind: to make and sell valuable and unique work that is both beautiful and useful – from magnesium flint-and-steel fire starters, to custom dining room tables. Since 1995, I have worked hard to bring this vision to life. Take a look through my portfolio gallery and the store on my website, and on Etsy.
NK Woodworking
  • 6327 W Marginal Way SW, Seattle WA 98106
  • (206) 486-3600
  • Nathie Katzoff is a contemporary artist from Seattle who is moved to work in a variety of mediums: wood, glass, metals, paint. He is internationally known for his art stairs, wooden baths, and large scale architectural sculpture. Inspiration for Nathie’s work comes from a desire to draw out and preserve the inherent beauty and timelessness of the natural materials he works with, keeping intact the raw essence of their origins. His interest is in making things that last for generations, as a counter to our “throw-away” culture and mass consumerism.
  • Online, on Etsy only
  • Owner/artisan Jessica Ongko makes engraved wooden switchplate covers and coasters, as well as a variety of Javanese batik-patterned facemasks, pillows, and bandanas.
Wooden Giraffe Toys
  • North Logan, UT
  • Wooden Giraffe Toys specializes in handmade wooden block toys, puzzles, trains, and the ever-fascinating Penrose tiles.